Creating Value For Our Investor Is The Core Of Our Philosophy帮助我们的投资者创造价值是我们的核心理念

With a comprehensive suite of investments in conjunction with immigration services, the California Investment Immigration Fund (CIIF) offers an end-to-end solution for a successful EB-5 Visa process, concluding with a smooth transition into the United States.

Guiding you through every step of the process, CIIF will work directly with you to successfully complete your application. When it comes to your initial investment, our team of specialists will diligently provide strategic guidance with conscientious investment options. In addition, CIIF will communicate and provide a comprehensive risk analysis for the investor.

CIIF provides top-quality support, including hotel and travel accommodations, application to obtain a driver's license and social security number, renting or buying a home, language translation services, transportation and academic enrollments. It is CIIF's mission to provide long-term satisfaction and economic success to its valuable investors.